Our Commitment to Compliance and Accessibility

Revigorator.com is committed to providing an accessible website with optimized functionality and interoperability for all users, regardless of technological or physical ability.

Revigorator.com continuously strives towards improving accessibility while assuring adherence to all related laws and industry standards. The website complies with the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 to reach Level AA conformance. We have conducted extensive individual page testing and assessments to enhance content accessibility.

The following lists specific steps revigorator.com has taken to optimize accessibility for all users:

Text Size

Users can enlarge or minimize text size through the browser interface or keyboard. The text resize option can be accessed by selecting “View” from the browser menu. Alternatively, text can be enlarged by pressing “Ctrl +” on the keyboard, or minimized by pressing “Ctrl -” on the keyboard.

Linked Text

Hyperlinks to other documents and websites are clearly highlighted and discernible from other text.

Device Accessibility

ll content on revigorator.com is designed to be fully compatible with any device (desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone, etc.), allowing access to the website from any location connected to the internet.

Alternative Text

Revigorator.com provides alternative text to all non-textual elements, such as images.

Color Accessibility

We have ensured that all website information is conveyed clearly by choosing contrasting and complementary text and background color combinations to optimize the viewing experience. However, we have taken extra measures to confirm that all website information is not solely conveyed through color.

HTML Heading Elements

Revigorator.com utilizes HTML heading elements to communicate page structure and content organization, allowing all users to apply assistive technologies to navigate pages quickly and effectively.

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)

Revigorator.com uses CSS to regulate the visual layout of all pages and optimize presentation to all users.

Revigorator.com continues to work towards improvements in maintaining an accessible digital estate, adhering to the accepted guidelines and standards of W3C. We are dedicated to enhancing the user experience and maximizing accessibility and usability. As we welcome feedback from all users, please feel free to contact us to report any website accessibility issues or specific suggestions on how we can improve accessibility.