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Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD+)
NAD+ is a life-preserving coenzyme. Without NAD+, metabolic homeostasis collapses, and cells become vulnerable to stress-related damage. Thus, sustaining adequate NAD+ levels is critical for healthy aging.
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Protecting DNA is vital to thwarting age-related conditions. Guardian proteins called sirtuins do this by modulating DNA repair. They also participate in critical processes like immune system activation.
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Senescent cells drive aging and a myriad of age-related conditions. Senolytics have the unique ability to target senescent cells and limit their burden on tissues, leading to better health and delayed aging.
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Boosting NAD+

Humans are all born with NAD+, a small molecule that maintains the resilience of every cell.

As humans age and damage accumulates, cells demand more NAD+. If these demands are unmet, organs inevitably deteriorate, leading to adverse health conditions and increased mortality.

The most recent scientific discoveries have shown that NAD+ levels can be replenished, meeting the demands of aging cells and restoring resilience.

Senolytic Enhancement

Increased senescent cell burden drives aging and exacerbates the progression of many age-related health conditions. Enhanced senolytics counter organ and tissue aging by eliminating senescent cells.

Healthy Aging

One of the most potent ways to restore cellular NAD+ levels is through the oral administration of NAD+ precursors. NAD+ precursors stimulate NAD+ synthesis inside cells, while NAD+ itself is too heavy to enter cells readily. Thus, NAD+ precursors are more effective at boosting NAD+, the key driver in slowing the rate of aging by improving DNA repair and energy metabolism.

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